Responsible Gaming with 6D Casino

At 6D Casino, we wish each and every one of our customers to enjoy themselves and gamble sensibly. We have a section specifically for responsible gaming that offers everyone the assistance and encouragement they require to maintain control because of this.

Restricting Minors’ and Unqualified Players’ Access

In compliance with the terms of the Gambling Act of 2005 of Gibraltar, the Company forbids players under the age of 18 from taking part in any of its casino or poker games. The involvement of children in gambling activities is prohibited.

Things to Consider while playing Casino

However, we are aware that many families have simple access to the internet on a global scale. As a result, both gaming companies and parents must work together to protect children from underage gambling. To ensure your children’s safety, we suggest utilizing filtering software to block minors from accessing specific websites and apps.

  • Keep kids away from your computer and your workstation when the casino or poker room software is active. You must take further measures to prevent them from using your devices to access our services.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 should not engage in any gaming activities.
  • Keep children away from the login and password information for your deposit method.
  • Create password access for your gaming software to protect it.
  • Educate your children about the moral implications of underage gambling as well as its drawbacks.
  • Don’t let your kids spend too much time online.
  • Allowing kids to use things like mobile devices should be done with additional caution.

Unfortunately, no system is foolproof. If you know a person under the age of 18 who is registered with us, please notify our Operations Department at [email protected]

Preventing Compulsive Gambling

We are aware that while most gamblers do it for fun, a tiny percentage might develop an obsession with the possible financial rewards our games provide. Despite the fact that statistics indicate that only a very tiny portion of the adult population has compulsive gambling issues, we take this issue extremely seriously and have taken a number of steps to address it:

  • We have developed a straightforward method for anyone who might need our assistance to use our self-exclusion program. We will cancel your membership and prevent you from enjoying our poker or casino at your request.
  • The maximum deposit amount is entirely up to you.
  • Your name will be taken from our mailing list at your request.

What signs indicate a gambling addiction?

  • Being concerned with gambling, such as continuously strategizing ways to increase one’s gaming bankroll.
  • Ineffective attempts to limit, curtail, or stop gambling.
  • Playing the lottery to forget about difficulties or get relief from helplessness, guilt, worry, or melancholy.
  • Misrepresenting yourself to others or your family in order to disguise how much you gamble.
  • Asking for financial assistance from others after losing money gambling.
  • Having to bet with more money to have the same sensation.
  • Having a restless or agitated feeling when attempting to reduce your gambling.
  • Increasing gaming to try to make up for lost funds (chasing losses).
  • Putting crucial connections, a career, or prospects for education or employment at risk or losing them due to gambling.

Responsible Gaming Tips

  • Treating gambling as entertainment would be a waste of money since you wouldn’t be getting as much enjoyment.
  • Gambling should NOT be viewed as a legitimate source of income.
  • Ascertain that you are familiar with the game’s rules.
  • Gamble only with money you can afford to lose.
  • Never try to chase your losses.
  • Keep track of the time and money you invest in gaming.

Account restrictions, self-exclusion, and “Take a Break”

You can ask for one of the following to stop using your account and suspend it:

You have the option to seek a self-exclusion period that lasts at least six months if you ever start to worry about your gaming habits. In accordance with current legislation and the terms of the User Agreement, we will terminate your account if you decide not to use our websites any longer.

The access will be temporarily suspended but still be in place during a self-exclusion period. After the self-exclusion time has passed, you must call the Member Support Team if you want to have your account restored. You will have a day to alter your mind before we grant you access to your account. To be clear, there won’t be any “Take A Break” moments that entail a respite from the action.

Why is Responsible Gaming important?

The gaming industry’s dedication to looking out for its patrons leads to safer gambling. gives its consumers the knowledge they need to control their gaming. Ensures that the vulnerable and young are protected from the harmful impacts of gambling.

Commitment to Customer Service

At 6D Casino, customer happiness is our first priority. Our Customer Service Help Team is available 24/7, seven days a week, to assist with technical assistance, and dispute resolution, and to answer your questions, so there are many ways you may get in touch with us.


In the event that you require assistance, kindly contact us.