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Like the usual game of slot machine games, this variation is not that hard to play. It is as simple as betting on your preferred payline, pressing ‘spin,’ and wishing yourself some luck. But what makes progressive slots unique is the enormous jackpot that awaits its lucky winner.

Progressive Slots machine

To explain further, this progressive slot game takes a tiny amount from each bet a gambler makes and adds it to the overall prize known as the progressive jackpot. It increases every time someone plays.

This game is a favorite by casino enthusiasts because they offer massive payouts and a lower house edge. But now that progressive slots are made available online, more people are given a chance to win. So, whether you’re new to progressive slots, or an experienced player, you should know what to expect when playing.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a bet that begins at a fixed amount and increases as a specific portion of all bets placed on the game are added to it. This is frequently started at random, pays out a significant sum to the lucky winner, and then resets to its starting point.

Progressive Jackpot Winning

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

What most gamblers do not know about the progressive online slot game is that before a winner is paid out, game providers have to ensure that they can provide the base jackpot when it restarts. This is why part of every punter’s bet goes to safekeeping the prize. Once it is replenished, they can start to increase the award again to make it again attractive to potential players.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

And, of course, just like any other slot machine game, there are varieties to this game that you need to take note of. It will not be hard to remember, as there are only three types of progressive jackpots.

Standalone Progressive Jackpot

Standalone progressive jackpot slots are exactly what their name implies—they are unconnected to other machines. Online, individual gamers may use many virtual instances of the same system at once. Although there is a chance that one of these players will win the jackpot before you do, the prize will probably be more significant as a result.

When playing a standalone progressive in a land-based casino, you have the exclusive right to the jackpot for the duration of your session. A slot machine jackpot of this kind will be smaller than that of linked games in both scenarios.

Local Progressive Jackpot

Once more, the name contains important information because these jackpots are related to a location rather than a specific machine. Local progressives can be pretty flexible online. Local progressive jackpots offered by online casinos can be restricted to a single game or spread over various titles from the same software developer.

Local progressive slots in brick-and-mortar casinos work similarly to LAN (local area network) gambling in the 1990s and 2000s: many machines are linked to a single jackpot that anyone can win. These are all usually duplicates of the same title.

Network Progressive Jackpot

Network progressives are what most punters think of when they hear about progressive slots because they provide the biggest prizes. Network progressive jackpots are available in online casinos across numerous locations that offer games from the same supplier. For instance, the jackpot for Mega Moolah can be won at any of the various Microgaming-powered websites that provide the online slot game.

A network (sometimes referred to as a vast area network) progressive jackpot is connected to several slot machines in various casinos in land-based settings. Networks are often restricted to a single state, and Nevada and New Jersey have a disproportionately high concentration of them because of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The Jackpot Meter

A jackpot meter is a familiar feature found on progressive slots. It shows the jackpot size and is usually large and brightly colored. Jackpot meters are also found on internet slot machines and are typically located inside the software on different websites. It helps players determine the jackpot value at any given time.

This way, they can increase their chances of winning the jackpot by increasing their bets. This is because the more significant the bank, the more accessible it is, and the more people will play the slot. Because remember: the larger the jackpot, the more accessible it is, and the more people will play the slot.

While most progressive slots feature a single jackpot, some have multiple tiers. These tiers give players the chance to win in more significant amounts. They should also remember that progressive jackpots can increase much faster than others without forgetting about the loser’s tax.

RNGs in Progressive Slots

A common myth about progressive slots is that they should not be played on days when a slot machine has recently paid out its jackpot. While this may seem like a great idea, the truth is that a slot machine’s RNG or Random Number Generator does not consider the most recent jackpot amount when determining which number combinations to create. Therefore, the chances of hitting the jackpot on consecutive days are slim to none. On the other hand, if you happen to play on the day after a slot machine has recently hit the jackpot, your odds of winning the bank will be just as high.

Slots Random Number Generator

A progressive slot’s RNG uses a random number generator to produce random numbers. These numbers are generated by the RNG and then translated into winning combinations. Typically, random number generators are programmed to generate random numbers between 0 and four billion, which correlate to symbols on the reels. The lucky numbers are then translated into characters and credited to the player.

What is an RNG?

A random number generator or RNG is known as a computer chip embedded in a slot machine for land-based casinos or software for online gaming websites that randomly assigns values to the symbols on the reels. Whether you are playing online for real money or playing for fun, the RNG makes the process fair and reliable. The more random the numbers are, the higher your chances are of winning the jackpot.

RNGs in progressive slots are also random enough to give every player the same chance to win. For example, a five-reel space with a soaring digit sequence should have an RNG designed to ensure that players have the same odds of winning. Most reputable software providers test their games through an independent company to ensure they are fair and random. These third-party testers will assess the RNG to determine its statistical randomness, predictability, internal state, and non-repeatability.

How to Potentially Win Progressive Jackpots?

One thing remains true when it comes to winning; there is no one formula for that. However, there are so many ways in which one can increase the probability of them winning the jackpot—aside from luck. Here are some things you can take note of to increase your chances of landing a progressive slot prize.

Bet Using an Eligible Amount

You must wager a minimum amount to be eligible for a chance to win the payout on some progressive slot machines. If you don’t wager that much or more, you won’t be able to access the bonus round with progressive wins. This value should be made abundantly evident in the slot’s paytable and on available review websites.

Research The Game’s Volatility

A game’s volatility determines how likely you are to invest money in it in hopes of winning big without really doing so. Knowing more about the RTP and volatility of various games can help you choose which one best suits your risk appetite when you’re studying how to win jackpots on progressive slot machines.

Know If the Slot Is Hot

Since jackpots are randomly triggered, it is impossible to predict when a slot machine will pay out. However, it’s still important to know when progressive games are hot or cold because a hot game will pay out far more money to the lucky player than one recently paid out.

Pick A Game You Enjoy

It’s crucial to play a game that you enjoy and, ideally, one that pays out during regular play to prevent feeling upset. When chasing progressive jackpots, there is no such thing as a sure thing. While some gamers may play at Max Bet every day without ever winning, a penny slot player can strike it lucky on the very first spin.

Keep An Eye on Your Bankroll

Remember that RTP (Return To Player) percentages for progressive games are typically lower than those for conventional games. This suggests that if you play frequently, you can discover that chasing jackpots results in more significant financial losses. To avoid burning through all your money in search of a big victory, alter your stake and the duration of your playing session.

How Are Progressive Jackpots Paid?

Progressive jackpots are occasionally paid out in one lump payment but may also be paid out in installments. This depends on several factors, and that includes the software developer and casino that created the game and the magnitude of the jackpot. It’s essential to remember that more enormous banks aren’t typically distributed in lesser amounts.

One of the most renowned progressive jackpots is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah prize, paid out in one enormous sum. Includes a massive novelty check in case the winner decides to go public…

A sizeable progressive slot machine jackpot is frequently paid out over a decade or longer, with payments typically showing up in your bank account once a year. Such fees are commonly referred to as “annuity payments.”

 Odds and Probability

The payback percentage is the metric that casinos and most gamers use to assess the odds in a slot machine game. The rate of each bet that should ultimately be returned to the player is the statistical average of payouts on that machine.

It is obvious how the casino makes money because the payback ratio is nearly never more significant than 100%.

When playing the device, your money will be lost more quickly the lower the payback %. The payback percentage is just a function of the potential winnings for each combination times the likelihood that you will get that combination.

To ensure a specific return %, the machines are not set to run in cycles or start losing after a given time. The probability and payments are the only factors directly affecting the payback percentage.

You might, for instance, own a slot machine that offers a prize 45% of the time. The payback percentage is determined by multiplying the size of those awards by the size of those prizes. A good way to think about this is as if you were playing a straightforward gambling game where you had to predict which side a coin would fall on after it was flipped.

You receive 50 cents if you win. You lose 55 cents if you lose. You will win around half the time, but you will lose more often than not. You’ll eventually lose all of your money. That is how the probability and logic that underpin all casino games operate.

Payback Percentages

The typical payback rate for slot machines is between 75% and 95%. The payback percentage for special equipment depends on a variety of factors. Casinos with greater competition typically have higher payback percentages. In bars and airports, you’ll find payback percentages on the lower end of that range. Payback percentages at casinos along the Las Vegas Strip will be higher than that range.

The slot machine’s denomination is another consideration. Casinos, whether physical or virtual, profit more when a player wagers $3 per spin than when a player wagers $0.75 per spin, even though the $3 per spin gambler’s payback % is higher.

Progressive Slot FAQs

Similar to playing conventional slots, you place your bet and spin the reels to try to win on a progressive slot machine. The primary distinction is the inclusion of a bonus feature—often a wheel of fortune—that gives players the likelihood to bring home one or more progressive jackpots.

Progressive slots function by using a small fraction of all spins to increase their jackpots. The grand prize pool rises over time when players place bets on a particular machine or set of devices until it is finally activated.

Because it wavers so much based on the game you’re playing, it’s hard to say. You cannot anticipate when a progressive jackpot will be won, not even for a single game. This is so because slot machines use Random Number Generators (RNGs), which are by their very nature unpredictable.

The most crucial thing in this situation is ensuring you qualify for a game’s progressive jackpot. You must thus adhere to whatever minimal stake requirements the game may have. Of course, you must also select a trustworthy casino website that honors its commitment to pay out winnings. Other than looking for popular slots and playing your favorite games frequently, there isn’t much else you can do to shoot up your odds of winning a progressive jackpot.


Just like everybody else, playing progressive slots can be fun, but you taking a risk is a decision only you can also make. Just enjoy the game and remember what you’ve read just now. You can also start trying your luck by visiting 6D Casino right now and choosing a progressive slot game you might want to play and enjoy.