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People playing slots in a land-based casino is a typical sight to behold. Its enticing sensory details: flashing lights, sound, and animation would effortlessly make one sit next to it and play to their heart’s content. With the development of technology, anyone can now play the game even in the comforts of one’s home.

Winning Slot Machine

As easy as it may look, winning a slot game online, despite being so random, can result from hard work and luck. You read that right. There is nothing better than knowing how the game of slots works to help you make sound decisions and make the most out of your bankroll.

Mobile SLot Game

It’s from choosing the suitable slot machine, finding the ones that offer big payouts, and more that can be your most significant advantage. So, read on and discover how to improve your chances of winning in online slots

Learn and Pick Your Slot Carefully

With many online options, you must first decide the type of slot machine game you want to play or are interested in. Remember that online, the simple fun game of fruits, numbers, and bell symbols has evolved so much that though they may “look” the same, they are different.

Slots differ in themes, RTP rates, features, symbols, bonus offers, and many more. Depending on your game preference, they can be simple (regular slots) or advanced (progressive slots).

Regular Slots

  • Has lower variance (meaning frequent wins are possible, but payouts are smaller).
  • Simple play-to-win game.
  • Playing for simple entertainment.
  • Set jackpot

Progressive Slots

  • An online slot game with high volatility (offers huge jackpots, but wins are few and far from the last win).
  • Higher risk with a potentially big win.
  • Record-breaking jackpot.

Study the Paytable

Each slot machine, land-based or online, has a paytable that explains winning combinations or ways to win, how bonus and multipliers symbols work, qualifying for the prize or jackpot, and more. They serve as a player’s guide on what to look for when playing casino slots online. 

Slot Game Paytable

Often, a paytable displays the paylines (also known as bet lines), so you can refer to it before and after playing a round to see if you hit a combination. Always note if it includes any instruction or minimum bet requirement to help you qualify for any bonus offer. Paytables also inform you of the following symbols you might encounter in the slot game machine:

  • Wilds – used in place of other symbols on the reels that allow a player to create a winning payline.
  • Stacked – symbols that stack themselves on the rows you will see across the screen to start a bonus game or any slot bonus.
  • Scatters – when a predetermined number of these symbols appear on the reels, and benefits like bonus rounds or free spins are activated.
  • Sticky – once it emerges, this symbol will stay on the reels for several spins, perhaps making it simpler to create a winning payline.
  • Multipliers – hitting this symbol means that your initial wager will grow by a certain amount.

Understand Payout Percentages

As mentioned earlier, any slot game has an RTP (Return to Player). It is a rate or payout percentage that differs from one slot machine to another. Often expressed through percentages, it specifies how much of your budget is likely to return to you or win back in playing slots over time.

Slot Payout Percentages example

Take, for example, two online slot games with different RTPs. The first offers an RTP of 93%, and the second machine provides 96% RTP. Seasoned or professional gamblers, without a doubt, will choose the second slot machine.

RTPPlayer’s WagerEarn
Slot Machine 1 – 93%$100$93
Slot Machine 2 – 96%$100$96

Choosing the slot with the 96% RTP means 4% of the wager goes to the casino, commonly known as house edge. 

Practice with Free Slot Games

One good thing about online is that free casino slot games may be played, especially by first-timers. This means that no money is involved for you to win, but trying it for fun is allowed. 

Free slot games are also a way for casinos to help players try out different slot machines, so they get to see their features and experience them before playing with real money. Others also check the gameplay and see if they will enjoy playing it.

Pick High RTP and Low-Volatility Slot Machines

Now that you know that picking slot machines with high RTP is best, you’ll also need to know about the volatility of slots. Also known as variance or payout rate, this refers to the frequency the game pays out and the amount it pays.


  • Low-volatility slots.
  • Pays smaller amounts regularly.
  • Playing for simple entertainment.
  • Ideal slot game for new players.


  • The balance between low-volatility slots.
  • The standard type of slots found in land-based and online casinos.


  • High-volatility slots.
  • Pays more considerable amounts but happens less often.

Casino slot machines are classified as a game with either low, medium or high variance. Between these three categories, it is often recommended that players go for low-volatile slot machines.

Why? Because payouts may be small but are frequent. This type of slot also gives players extended playing time so they can enjoy their game. However, if you are willing to take risks, you can go for high-volatility games. But remember that your time playing may be reduced.

RTP Calculation

Contrary to popular belief, determining the ideal RTP % for an online casino is relatively simple. Divide the entire winnings (or payouts) on a specific game by the total staked by those same participants. 

You might be surprised to learn that the number wasn’t determined based on the performance of a particular game. Instead, hundreds of thousands of times per short amount of time, computer algorithms that spin the reels or play rounds duplicate it. This offers the most exact measurement while reflecting several casino players’ experiences.

What is Slot Volatility?

Volatility is the degree to which a game deviates from the RTP. You’re more likely to have successful sessions and hit the jackpot more frequently in less volatile games. You’ll lose more often when you play highly volatile games, but you’ll also typically hit higher jackpots.

Lookout for Free Spins & Special Bonus

Playing online slot machines also offers more chances and ways to increase a prize. Here are some of the standard rewards:

  • Welcome Bonuses – are offered to entice new players where slots contribute to its offered requirements.
  • Free Spins – are triggered during a game, enabling a player to spin reels for free.
  • Cashback Bonuses – a way to regain a part of a player’s losses that is not subjected to any gambling requirements.

These bonus features help a player make the best of their gameplay. Topped-up funds and extended gameplays are some of the things one can enjoy with bonus features.

Manage Your Budget

Online gambling for real money needs discipline in handling money. Having a clear mind and the ability to control yourself and manage your budget is a must.

Friends Playing Slots Machine and winning

1. Plan Your Budget

You’d never want to run out of money quickly when the game is about to get good, right? With that, bankroll management is encouraged. Before getting in front of your computer or digital device to play an online slot game, set your budget and stick with it. 

And here is a powerful word of advice: never chase your losses. People who often do ends up walking away with nothing. Chasing after your losses always entails a vast chance that you will start spending more than what you originally intended.

2. Never Bet All of Your Money on One Spin

Though some people try to risk wagering big for the potential of winning, we say to you: don’t do it. Divide your budget into several spins to increase your potential profit from the game and basically to make the fun of playing last long!

3. Keep Your Winnings and Take Breaks

Such is the feeling that after playing online slots, your gameplay resulted in a good win. However, players who feel overwhelmed by this tend to place bigger wagers again and lose. So, to avoid that, the best thing to do is keep winning and enjoy it.

Walk away from the game and take a break. Spinning another set of reels can be done after you have some time to relax and prepare yourself for the next time you decide to play.

6D Casino Slots with The Best Odds

If you are looking for a legitimate online casino to play slot machine games, we at 6D Game offer a comprehensive option of more than 800 slots that you can choose from. We have the best features and numerous incentives that await new players like you. Check out these slot machine games that are loved to play by many.

Gold Rush

An explosive mine feel by Pragmatic Play is the slot game, Gold Rush. This 25-pay line slot game with good atmospheric background music and graphics makes you travel in time. This game falls under the medium-high volatility casino online gaming with an RTP of 96.5%

Charge Buffalo

This one might interest you if you are looking for a low-volatility online slot machine. With 4096 ways to win, this 6-reeled slot machine game will take you on an adventure with the North American prairies. This online slot game by JILI Games has an RTP of 95% with the highest bonus multiplier of 4000x.

Dinosaur Tycoon

Here is another unique online slot game with Dinosaurs as subjects of the game. This online slot is available on platforms powered by Windows, Android, Mac, and HTML 5. This is another game masterpiece by JILI Games with a max win of 1500x.

Boom Legend

Boom Legend is an exciting game that will make you play for an hour without even noticing. By simply shooting at targets, you get to increase your payout. The bigger the target you shoot, so the more payout. In this game, the maximum payout you can get is 888 times the bet you placed.

How to Win at Penny Slots

Penny slots are one sort of casino slot machine that you can find almost anywhere. It is a game that permits the smallest wagers. Because of how credits are computed, whatever you wager will always equal at least one dollar per spin. One could assume that the payouts won’t be that large because you are wagering such a tiny sum.

However, some players have been known to win hundreds of dollars from a penny slot machine by wagering the maximum number of pay lines and credits. They’re worth a go if you’re working with a tighter budget.

Start Winning at Slots with 6D Casino

Playing slots is always a fun way to be entertained and incorporate the thrill of winning in every spin. Through, experience only the best casino slots online, even in the comfort of your own how. Sign up for an account and start winning while playing online slots today.

How to Win Slot FAQs

There is no one-time actual formula for winning slots. However, learning how to play the game right and properly managing your bankroll is the key that may give you the best returns. Remember, this is still a game of chance. Slot machines, whether land-based or online, use randomizing technology, so the probability of winning is the same for everyone.

It is hard to predict when a slot machine will hit because modern and online slots use RNGs. However, if the device produces a victory, it will also show the amount on the screen.

Aside from depending on Lady luck to grace you to win, these disciplines and awareness can increase your chance to win: choose the slot game that interests you, practice and strategies using free games, always look and study the pay table, set your gaming budget and stick with it, aim for games with smaller prizes but gives frequently, and to enjoy and gamble responsibly.

The best answer: always pick the ones with high RTP or Return to Player rates.

Modern land-based and online slot machines operate through RNGs or Random Number Generator. An algorithm that generates random results (symbols and numbers) without using any form or memory to it.