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One of the most popular casino games enjoyed by millions worldwide is the Slot Machine. Whether you play as a newbie or a regular casino client, the appealing jackpot prizes are irresistible. And now that playing slots are available online, tons of themes and features to make the game even more enticing have emerged.

Slot Machine

Though most people think playing online slots is as simple as click-spin-see stuff, there is more to learn about. It may be a game of luck, but people who usually play this game know that their chances of winning could improve by knowing a few helpful tips.

How Do Online Slots Work?

This colorful, eye-catching game is a combination of symbols and characters that have a specific value in them. Each random combination is an assurance for players that it randomly works and is pretty unpredictable. This means that anyone can have fun and enjoy the thrill of online gambling for real money.

How to play slots Game

Random number generator

Also known as RNG, it is the software responsible for giving a random outcome from the slot machine. It is an algorithm that randomly picks a value and implements it in the slot game. For example, a usual five reels and three slot machine rows online can generate billions of combination possibilities. This is all thanks to this clever software powering up a slot machine online that make every spin become a fair result.

Reels, Rows, and Paylines

The three basic terms that you need to know in playing slots are: 

  • Reels – the vertical alignment of symbols that spin around.
  • Rows – that which you see across the screen as horizontal lines.
  • Pay lines – also called bet lines, are the patterns that a combination of symbols may form across the screen. They can appear in a zigzag shape, vertical, or horizontal. When symbols on each reel land on these lines, you win. Of course, the amount of your winning will depend on the value of the symbol and the result of the combination.

Pay Lines

Slot Payline 1
Slot Payline 2
Slot Payline 3
Slot Payline 5
Slot Payline 4
Slot Payline 6
Slot Payline 8
Slot Payline 7
Slot Payline 10
Slot Payline 9


This feature can be located in the information tab of any video slot game. It will show you the pay lines or possible winning combinations of the game to potentially increase your winnings.

Stake & Maximum Bet

Prizes in a slot game are also known as a stake. It pertains to the amount that can be won or lost depending on the amount of wager placed by a player. While newbies might play and put the minimum bet, it is advisable that wagering the maximum bet is better. It is because, like physical slot machine games, slot games online also give out bonus payouts or jackpots to those who take the risk. 

Spin & Autoplay

Spinning in an online slot game means hitting the button and letting the reels turn. Interestingly, the autoplay option was introduced. It was made so that a player does not need to hit the spin button every time the game is played—however, misconceptions about autoplay flooded discussion groups about how this feature affects a gambler’s gameplay.

The autoplay button is a game changer for players who try to multi-task while they play. It allows them to work on a task while the game continues. But we can say it is only suitable for people who are ahead of the game or are not losing money too severely.

Spinning reels, Rolling reels, or Cascading reels

Casino slots online have become too modern compared to the traditional way of playing slot machines. Game developers worldwide have gone beyond what used to be fixed reels to reels that were upgraded to boost a player’s gameplay and winnings.

Spinning reels also called rolling or cascading reels in online slot games, are a bonus given as extra wins or spins. Symbols often disappear when this happens, meaning that a single spin can continue to generate a more significant win.

Types of Slot Machine Symbols

Type Of Slot Symbols

As mentioned earlier, slots have symbols that have a corresponding values. Players are rewarded when symbols appear after a spin and fall into a specific pattern. To further understand these different symbols, here is a short guide to help you become familiar with them.

Standard Symbols

Usually, standard symbols are represented by card characters: 10, J, Q, K, and A. These are also shown on the paytable, considered fillers in slot machine games. 

Multiplier Symbols

This symbol may not be available on some slots online. The only way to know if multiplier symbols are present in a game of slots is by double-checking it. Multiplier symbols are predetermined images or figures that can increase your winning when it lands on a specific pay line pattern after you spin.

Scatter & Bonus Symbols

These are symbols whose primary purpose is to trigger certain or special features like a free spin or anything similar to it. Scatters or bonus symbols do act as a substitute for other symbols or a multiplier to help create a possible winning pattern.

Wild Symbols

This is a special symbol that is quite popular in casino slots online. For regular gamblers, getting a wild symbol makes the game more exciting. With this, a player can pull off a crazy combination that can result in huge wins. 

Sticky Symbols

As sticky as it sounds, hitting a sticky symbol would mean staying locked for several spins. These symbols can also trigger respins, numerous times giving you a chance for a more significant winning prize.

How to Play Slots and Win?

Aside from good entertainment, severe online casino players seek opportunities to profit from gambling. Knowing the basics and learning strategies in playing slots online can go a long way and level up your gameplay. So, here is some of the known advice to increase your winning chances.

Play and Win at Slots

Choose the Slots with the Highest RTP

RTP or return to player can be likened to a return on investment. The RTP is often shown as a percentage indicating how much a player will likely win back his bankroll from a chosen casino game over time.

For example, when a game offers a 96% RTP, the remaining 4% is what casinos receive from players for a game known as house edge. Without that four percent going to the casino, the business would not go on and immediately die down.

Check the Rules Before You Play

Slot games may have a standard rule, but those rules can differ depending on the type of chosen slot game. So, to avoid wasting your bankroll and time, it pays to check the rules of your chosen game before you entertain yourself and play. If you are after bonuses and huge jackpots, know that slots require minimum bet amounts. And as explained earlier, if you can take the risk of betting bigger, there is also a significant chance of you taking the jackpot prize.

Practice with Free Slots

Play right and improve your strategy in playing online by taking advantage of playing free slot machine games. Many online casinos offer an option for people to try their slot games for free. Other online casino websites call these mini-games that allow players to add to their experience. This is to encourage fun and love for the game and to let new potential players get an idea of what an online slot game is about and how easy it is to play and understand.

Set a Budget

A good thing that stems from playing free slots is the courage to go ahead and set a bankroll before starting an actual slot game. When a budget is set, it also becomes a player’s safety net. Playing slots, if not personally regulated, can become dangerous, especially when one tends to chase losses. But when gambling money is set, you’ll know how much you only have to spend and when to stop to make a fun and balanced gambling experience.

Check the Paylines and Paytables

Before playing, make it a habit to check the available information available at the paytable. This will allow you to see the paylines for a particular slot game which will help you decide if you are going to go for it or not.

Make Use of Special Features

Aside from information about the paylines, the paytable also displays information about the unique features of your chosen slot game. Special features may vary from one game to another. Because of that, it is suggested that you pick a game with simple features with easy-to-understand special features. Some of them are as follows:

  • Free spin features
  • Re-spin features
  • Bonus games
  • Multipliers
  • Nudge features
  • Gamble features

Most of these features will not ask you to place your bet but can increase your rewards.

Slot Payouts

If a player line up winning symbols on an online slot machine, they win. Depending on the game selected, there will be a specific number of paylines (typically 25 or 50) and specific symbol combinations that will result in payment. Symbols with higher value result in a higher return on your wager, whereas other signs, like scatters, may result in a monetary award.

Slot Payout example

Single Payline Slots

This is the simplest and most basic pattern for playing slot games. Symbols only need to land directly in the reel’s center to win in the single-pay line category.

20 to 30 Paylines

With more chances of winning, many of today’s 5-reel slot games have the 20, 25, and 30 paylines. It does not need a colossal bet, which makes it more fun to play.

243 Ways to Win

In a game with 243 ways to win, paylines are unnecessary and can be added as long as they run across neighboring reels. It elevates it to one of the most intriguing choices a player is offered during the game.

1024 Ways to Win

The only difference between this slot machine payout and 243-way slots is that they have five reels, every four spaces high (5×4 grid). There are 1,024 possible ways to win, thanks to the extra space above each reel.

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How to Play Slot FAQs

Online slot games are the computerized variations of the traditional fruit machines you may find at all reputable casinos. These well-liked games also come with extra elements like wild and scatter symbols, interactive bonus rounds, and much more when played online.

This slot machine has a top payoff that increases as more people play it. A percentage of each wager made in the game is added to the progressive jackpot, which keeps growing until a player wins.

On an online slot machine, you must line up winning symbols along a path known as a payline to receive a payoff. The paylines vary from one slot game to another slot game and typically run across the screen’s width from left to right. The menu of each game typically contains information on paylines.

You can increase your odds of taking the prize with online slot machines. Though, in essence, they are still a game of chance. But taking good and well-researched advice can increase your winning potential by heeding our straightforward advice and adding a little research about the game. Every little bit helps with winning online slots, from understanding how to pick the finest places to being knowledgeable about wilds and scatters.

One thing is for sure; no slot machine has a 100% chance of winning. As a player, the best you can do is choose a slot machine with a high RTP. Machines that offer a high RTP or Return To Player odds are machines that can most likely hit the jackpot.

While many say that playing slot machines are best experienced with a maximum bet, it is not for the faint-hearted. If you have a budget for your game, stick with it. But if you are a risk-taker, you know that calculated risks pay off.

Generally, betting on more lines only means taking your chance to win more. But sometimes, winning big does not require as much. No matter what we do, the slot machine game is still random, regardless of how many line bets you put a wager on. 


Having all this information, you may now go and test the waters by playing online slots. Knowing the basics of the game you want to play may improve your chances. So, when you come across an online slot game that you want to play through 6D Slots, have fun and make the most of it!