Top Tips To win Baccarat

Learning how to win at baccarat is different from learning how to play baccarat, especially when the aim of winning is to earn a lot of real money. Beginners can easily win a few rounds in baccarat, but profiting from the game requires bettors to follow a few tips to win.

Tips To win Baccarat

Baccarat strategies and betting systems can help bettors improve their chances of winning games and making a profit, but they won’t exactly be able to avoid losses even with complete mastery of the rules. Still learning the fundamental rules is still necessary to fully understand how to win.

Learn the Fundamental Rules

The goal of baccarat is to bet on the hand that will get a value that’s closest to 9. Bettors only need to choose between the player bet, banker bet, or tie bet and let the dealer do the rest. Bettors don’t need to get involved when playing and they can sit back and relax as they see whether they win or lose.

Tips To win Baccarat and rules

When trying to find out what a winning hand is, it’s important to know the value of the cards and how they work. The cards’ values are read as the following:

  • 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings = 0
  • 9s, 8s, 7s, 6s, 5s, 4s, 3s, 2s = their respective number values
  • Aces = 1

The maximum value a hand can have in baccarat is 9. You can read the numbers by starting from 00 to 09 because the first digit always gets dropped and the second digit is the only thing that’s counted. For example, when a hand has two 6s, the total is 12 and only the second digit is counted, making the total value 2.

Understand House Edge & Odds

Understanding both the house edge and odds to win the bet is necessary when picking a bet to use. The odds, payout, and house edge of the most common baccarat bets are the following:

BetOddsPayoutHouse Edge
Banket Bet45.86%0.95:11.06%
Player Bet44.62%1:11.24%
Tie Bet9.52%8:114.36%

Based on both the odds and the house edge alone, the banker bet is the most attractive bet to make due to how high the odds are and how low the house edge is. The only downside to the banker bet is the 5% commission commonly charged by different baccarat tables. The second-best bet is the player bet and both bets have a roughly equal number of wins. 

Baccarat side bets will typically have higher house edges and lower odds to win.

Use the Banker Bet When Not Using a Betting System

Betting systems are systems that help bettors make a profit by adjusting how much they should bet. This allows them to minimize their losses and ensure that bettors leave the money-making some sort of profit. Because of this, it’s advisable to place player bets when using betting systems since they don’t charge a commission. The absence of commission means that bettors will win more than when winning with the banker bet while using systems.

Baccarat Banker Bet

You should consider sticking to the banker bet when not using betting systems and are only aiming to take advantage of the inherent 1.06% house edge.

Use the 1-3-2-4 Betting System

The 1-3-2-4 betting system is a simple-to-learn betting system that doesn’t require players to double their bets every time they lose and have a good chance of making a profit. If 1 unit is equal to $10, the bettor places player bets according to this sequence:

  • Bet $10 until you win.
  • Bet $30. If you lose, go back to the first step.
  • Bet $20. If you lose, go back to the first step.
  • Bet $40. If you lose, go back to the first step.
  • Leave the table with your winnings or go back to the first step.

A starting budget of $100 is enough to use the system and the bettor has a chance of winning 10x their initial bet if they complete a sequence. Plus, the bettor can still have a $20 profit if they lose their fourth bet since they’re not staking all their prior winnings, unlike the 1-3-2-6 betting system.

There Is No Such Thing as the Best Bet 

Even though the banker bet can be called the best baccarat bet, it still has its downsides that can make the player bet the better baccarat bet. Both bets have their respective uses and swapping between the two is ideal when using the one-sided strategy, especially when losing three times in a row when betting.

No Such Thing as the Best Bet in Baccarat

When choosing what bet to make, keep in mind that banker bets are great when simply taking advantage of the low house edge to get winning streaks. Player bets are ideal when using betting systems to maximize potential winnings.

The Tie Bet Doesn’t Matter

The tie bet is the common baccarat bet with the highest payout, either 8:1 or 9:1 depending on the table, but it is easily the worst bet due to how infrequent ties occur. Placing occasional tie bets can be good when trying to get lucky from time to time, but only the banker and player bets are great for consistency.

Don’t Bother About Hot Tables

Baccarat gaming isn’t complicated when only focusing on both player and banker bets and there’s no need to try and think about hot tables and complex strategies to try and win. You can’t do anything to influence the outcome of a game, so you should only focus on what bets to make instead of worrying about other things.

Have Fun When Playing

Because live baccarat is a simple game that even bettors can enjoy, it’s better to play the game while aiming to have fun. Having fun while playing the game effectively keeps you from making emotional decisions when getting a losing streak. Some betting systems require players to double their bets to recover losses, but emotional bettors might needlessly increase their bets to chase their losses and end up losing more money in the long run.

Player have fun playing Baccarat

If your goal when playing baccarat is to win money while having fun, you’ll need to immediately stop playing when you’re no longer having fun. The moment you start losing bets and are unable to recover some of your losses is one good time to walk away from the table. This is ideal for when playing without a betting strategy or when using the 1-3-2-4 and the Paroli systems because the sequences aren’t long.

Manage a Bankroll

When playing online baccarat for real money, managing a bankroll is necessary to ensure that you don’t lose more than you can afford. Always have a gambling bankroll and set up daily betting limits to control how much you bet to avoid exhausting the entire bankroll in one go. Setting up win and loss limits is ideal to keep your losses down while also giving you a chance to cash in your winnings without needlessly risking them to try and win more.

Also included in managing a bankroll is choosing a baccarat table with a low minimum bet to be able to extend a bankroll. 

Card Counting May Not Be Worth the Effort

Counting cards in blackjack can effectively improve a bettor’s chances of profiting from blackjack as they adjust how much they bet depending on the true count. Counting cards in baccarat, however, only dictates whether to pick the banker bet or the player bet and doesn’t even address the attractive tie bet.

Card TypesAssigned Value
5, 7, 8-1
10, Jack, Queen, King0
Ace, 2, 31
Card values for baccarat card counting.

Because basic tips and other strategies already talk about sticking to the banker bet due to how low the house edge is, counting cards to decide whether to place a banker or player bet might not be worth it. Card counting takes a lot of time to master and the net benefit is so small that people sticking to the one-sided strategy and the banker bet can win similar amounts as card counters.

Play with Fewer Decks

The more decks there are in the shoe of a baccarat table, the higher the house edges are, except for the banker bet. Playing with fewer decks means playing with lower variance on the potential cards drawn, which means better chances of winning player bets and some side bets.

Beware of Zero Commission Baccarat

Some baccarat casinos offer zero-commission banker bets. This is opposed to classic baccarat’s banker bet that charges a 5% commission for every winning bet. Winning the banker bet will allow bettors to win real money without getting charged for it, but the house edge goes up so it’s harder to win the banker bet here. The house edge is 4.07%, compared to a regular banker bet’s 1.06% house edge.

Learn About Baccarat Strategies and Betting Systems

Baccarat strategies and betting systems aren’t exactly necessary to have fun and win in baccarat, but it is necessary to win a lot of real money. Learning about the one-sided strategy or betting against the trend and learning how to use them alongside the Martingale, d’Alembert, Fibonacci, Paroli, and/or Labouchere system can help improve a bettor’s chances of winning real money.

Place the Occasional Side Bets

Side bets tend to have attractive payouts, but not all of them are profitable. When placing side bets, the big and small side bets are ideal when also aiming to win frequently. Either pair/any pair is a good side bet with a good chance of winning and is perfect when only bet on occasionally.

There’s no harm in placing occasional side bets since you can get lucky and win the side bet. If your player or banker bet wins alongside the side bet, you’ll win a lot of money in one round. If your player or banker bet loses but you win the side bet, you’ll get some of your money back.


Playing baccarat for real money is easy, especially when sticking to either the player bet or banker bet and not complicating the game with complex strategies and betting systems. Realistically, you only need to remember playing in a baccarat table with fewer decks, sticking to either the banker or player bet, and using simple systems to make a profit.

When you’re ready to learn about a baccarat winning strategy, then you can try experimenting with the one-sided strategy and integrating it with a system like the 1-3-2-4 or even the Martingale system. A strategy can help improve your chances of winning so it’s advisable to learn about them.

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