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Playing live baccarat is fun, especially since even beginners can get started and win real money by sticking with one bet. Even if baccarat is a relatively easy game to win, losing is still normal and people can still suffer from bad losing streaks.  Because playing 6D Game baccarat can get frustrating when people suddenly suffer losing streaks even when sticking to the best bet, it’s important to know how baccarat odds work and understand probabilities to try and maximize profit.

Baccarat Odds, Payouts, Probabilities

Learning how to play baccarat is the first step to making a profit from the game and the next ones are learning about odds, house edge, payouts, and probabilities.

Understand Baccarat House Edge

House edge is the percentage a casino will win over the long term in a baccarat game. Baccarat has one of the lowest house edges of all games in a traditional and online casino. The game’s low house edge is reflected in the low house edge of the banker bet, which is only 1.06%.

Understand Baccarat odds

The banker bet’s low house edge means that it is the bet with the highest probability of winning. Even some of the side bets that are typically harder to win than the common baccarat bets have a low house edge. Not all side bets have a relatively low house edge and several of them are harder to win than others.

When sticking to a banker bet, bettors will theoretically win $98.94 for every $100 they stake on the banker bet.

How to Calculate House Edge?

Players can calculate a baccarat bet’s house edge using the following formulas for each bet:

Player bets

Probability of player winning – Probability of banker winning = House edge

0.446247 – 0.458597 = -0.01235 = 1.24% house edge

Banker bets

(Payout x Probability of banker winning) – Probability of player winning = House edge

(0.95 x 0.458597) – 0.446247 = -0.01057985 = 1.06% house edge

Tie Bets

(Payout x Probability of tie) – Probability of player winning – Probability of banker winning = House edge

(8 x 0.095156) – 0.446247 – 0.458597 = -0.0143596 = 14.36% house edge

Understand Baccarat Payout

Baccarat’s low house edge makes it a very attractive game to play since even beginners can make a profit out of the game when they play it right. The only problem is that baccarat’s low house edge is offset by the low payouts. The player bets only have a payout of 1:1 while the bet with the lowest house edge, the banker bet, charges a commission for every winning banker bet which means that the bet has a payout of 0.95:1. The popular banker bet has an even lower payout than the player bet.

Understand Baccarat Payout

Baccarat players can try playing side bets to potentially increase their profits. The higher the payout, the higher the house edge of the particular bet usually is. Depending on the baccarat game, bettors can encounter bets with payouts reaching 500:1. Of the most common side bets, a perfect pair has the highest payout of 25:1.

Odds, Payouts, and House Edge of Different Baccarat Bets

Whether playing baccarat online or in traditional casinos, players will always have the choice to pick one of three basic bets, namely the Banker, Player, and Tie bet. These three are the most common bets in all baccarat tables, especially since not all tables offer side bets or at least the same side bets.

Baccarat also has different side bets that can vary per baccarat table or baccarat game variation.

Below is more information on the different baccarat bets, including the odds to win, payout, and house edge, assuming that the baccarat game has a shoe with eight decks.

Common Baccarat Bets

The most common baccarat bets are easy-to-understand bets that simply bet on a particular hand being closer to 9 or having the same value as the other hand. The chart below shows the odds of winning, the payout, and the house edge.

BetOddsPayoutHouse Edge
Banker Bet45.86%0.95:11.06%
Player Bet44.62%1:11.24%
Tie Bet9.52%8:114.36%

Based on the odds above, the banker bet is the best bet to make because they have higher odds of winning than both the player and tie bet. The great odds are offset by the slightly lower payout than what the player bet has thanks to the commission charged in a winning banker bet.

Common Baccarat Side Bets

The most common baccarat side bets are fairly easy to understand but are a bit more complicated than the common baccarat bets. Betting on these side bets will help bettors win more real money than when sticking to either player or banker bet.

BetOddsPayoutHouse Edge
Player Pair7.47%11:110.36%
Banker Pair7.47%11:110.36%
Either Pair14.2%5:113.71%
Perfect Pair3.34%25:113.03%

Both the small and big bets are the easiest to win among the common side bets. This two focus on the number of cards dealt in a round and a bet on them can easily go either way. Betting on pairs is a bit more difficult to win since a hand must at least have cards that make a pair, depending on the particular side bet.

Other Baccarat Side Bets

Online casinos will have many different baccarat tables, including different game versions, that will typically have different side bets with their own varying odds to win, payouts, and house edges. Below are some of those bets.

All Red

A bet on the player’s hand only having red cards. The house edge is 13.76% and the payout is 22.1.

All Black

A bet on the player’s hand only has black cards. The house edge is 13.76% and the payout is 24:1.

Bellagio Match

A bet on the player’s hand having a three-of-a-kind or the banker’s hand having a three-of-a-kind. The house edge of a player three of a kind is 5.27% and the payout is 75:1. The house edge of a banker three of a kind is 8.57% and the payout is 68:1.

Super Six

A bet on the winning banker’s hand totaling 6. The house edge is 29.98% and the payout is 0.54:1.

3-Card Six

A bet on both the player and banker hands getting a 3-card hand consisting only of 6s. The house edge is 13.37% and the payout is 100:1. If only one hand gets a 3-card hand of 6s, the payout is only 8:1.

4-5-6 Bet

A bet on the total number of cards will be in the banker’s hands and the player’s hands. The house edge on betting on four cards is 5.27% and the payout is 3:2. The house edge on betting on five and six cards is 4.35% and the payout is 2:1. 

Royal Match

A bet on either the player or banker drawing a king and a queen as their first two cards. The house edge is 2.13% and the payout differs whether the two cards are suited or not. A suited king and queen’s payout is 75:1. An unsuited king and queen’s payout is 30:1.

Rabbit Play

A bet on any of the possible outcomes for the player or banker bet:

  • Suited three of a kind with a payout of 500:1
  • Unsuited three-of-a-kind with a payout of 50:1
  • Suited pair first two cards with a payout of 15:1
  • Unsuited pair first two cards with a payout of 7:1

The house edge on the player’s hand is 8.07% while the house edge on the banker’s hand is 9.31%.

Egalite Bet

A bet on a tie happens with a particular value in mind. The payouts are the following:

Tied ValuePayout

Lucky 8

A bet on a hand to have a winning total of 8 points. The house edge on the player’s hand is 13.65% while the house edge on the banker’s hand is 16.60%. The payout is 4:1.

Unlucky 8

A bet on a hand to have a losing total of 8 points. The house edge should be similar to that of Lucky 8’s house edges, albeit reversed. The payout is 8:1.

Double 8

A bet on both the player’s hand and the banker’s hand ended up with 8 points. The payout is 15:1.

Panda 8

A bet on the winning player’s hand totaling 8 between three cards. The house edge is 10.19% and the payout is 25:1.

Dragon Bonus

A bet on the player’s hand winning with a natural by a specific margin. The house edge is 2.65% and the payouts vary according to the following margins:

9 points30:1
8 points10:1
7 points6:1
6 points4:1
5 points2:1
4 points1:1
3 points or fewerBet lost


A bet on the total value of the banker’s and player’s cards. The maximum total a player can bet on is 18. The house edge is 8.155% and the payouts vary per bet.

15 – 171:1
4 – 14Bet lost
1 – 31:1

What Changes in Six-Deck and Single-Deck Baccarat Games?

Baccarat is usually played with eight decks, but some games and tables will have fewer decks in the shoe. The number of decks in a shoe only affects the house edge and the player’s odds of winning. The fewer the decks, the house edge naturally increases, except for the banker bet. The difference isn’t significant, but it won’t hurt to be aware of the said changes.

Six Deck Baccarat

BetOddsPayoutHouse Edge
Banker Bet45.87%0.95:11.06%
Player Bet44.63%1:11.24%
Tie Bet9.51%8:114.44%

Single-Deck Baccarat

BetOddsPayoutHouse Edge
Banker Bet45.96%0.95:11.01%
Player Bet44.68%1:11.29%
Tie Bet9.36%8:115.75%

The Bet with the Best Odds

Baccarat is a casino game that’s easy to get started with, especially because of the availability of a bet with a significantly low house edge when compared with other table games’ bets. This bet is the banker bet which always has the advantage due to how the rules of baccarat work, especially with the third card rules.

Placing bet at Baccarat table

The banker hand will always stand on a two-card total of 7, 8, or 9. Basically, the banker only draws a third card when their current hand won’t likely win against the player’s hand. Because of this, sticking to the banker bet is ideal even when accounting for the 5% commission.

The odds of winning a banker bet are 45.86%.

The Bet with the Worst Odds

Baccarat also has terrible bets that make it hard for bettors to make a profit from the game. The tie bet is undoubtedly the worst common baccarat bet, but there are also other unprofitable bets found in some baccarat games and variants. Egalite ties are probably one of the side bets with the worst odds of winning due to how hard it was already to win a tie bet.

The odds of winning a tie bet are 9.52%.

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Baccarat Odds FAQs

The house edge is the percentage of the player’s initial bet that the casino will win in the long term.

The odds of winning can be as high as 45.86% to as low as 9.52%, depending on the bet placed. The best bet with the highest odds is the banker bet while the worst common baccarat bet with the lowest odds of winning is the tie bet.

The banker bet has the best odds out of all baccarat bets. The only downside is the 5% commission. Still, sticking with the bet using the one-sided strategy should allow a player to make some small profits.

Sticking with the banker bet should be enough for most bettors, but they can further improve their chances of winning by using a certain baccarat strategy. The one-sided betting strategy requires the player to stick to either banker bet or player bet and stick to it until they suffer a losing streak of three losses. When suffering from a losing streak, the player can change bets to try and get a profitable winning streak.

Baccarat is more of a game of chance since bettors only need to pick which bet to make and let the dealer handle the rest. It’s easy to get lucky with winning streaks and unlucky with losing streaks, but switching up the bets using the one-sided strategy should help keep losses down. Playing live baccarat is ideal to be able to keep track of what cards are drawn and to avoid the randomness of RNG baccarat.


Baccarat is a great game for both beginners and seasoned players because of how easy it is to get started. Beginners can stick to either banker or player bets while seasoned bettors can try their hand with side bets to increase their profits.  The house edge is low enough for anyone to be able to make a profit from the game.

To be able to enjoy playing baccarat, bettors will need to look for a reputable site to play online baccarat in the Philippines to avoid getting scammed off their winnings. 6D is an online live casino in the Philippines where you can enjoy playing baccarat online. Sign up today to start playing baccarat with us.