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What are the fish shooting games?

Fish table games aka fish shooting video games have a long history that originates in arcades in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong. From there, they have expanded to Asian-oriented populations all around the world, including California and the Pacific Rim.

Fish shooting games

The fundamental concept of fish shooting games is rather straightforward. Players (often four players) use cannons to blast fish in order to earn rewards. Each player fires at the same pool of fish from a cannon that is positioned on a different side of the game board.

Selecting which fish to shoot is a crucial choice for gamers. This is due to the fish’s diversity, it is far simpler to kill a little fish for fewer awards than a giant fish for greater rewards since the fish vary in rarity, “health,” and speed. Fish float in and out of the board as well, so it’s critical to monitor whether a fish has just entered or is going to leave.

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How to play Fishing casino games?

Although we all have only a limited understanding of how much player skill actually influences game outcomes, there is at least a veil of deception for that. The cannon ammo in these games doubles as the primary money. To put it another way, you spend money when you shoot the fish, and if you don’t succeed in killing it, you lose all the money and bullets you spent on it. The player who fires the very last bullet required to kill a specific fish receives all of the goodies.

Additionally, the effectiveness of the bullets is under player control. Why does this matter? Let’s assume that your standard rate of fire is 1 (shot): 1 (bullet). That is, one bullet is used up when one shot is fired. The bigger fish are frequently not killed by this, though. Players will frequently increase the rate to 1:5, 1:20, or 1:50 as a result.

The stakes are obviously higher at 1:50 – consider a case when you fired a lengthy burst at 1:50 rate and the fish was able to escape. There are several casino-related components, including:

  • Different “tables” with various admission requirements are available to players.
  • The main currency provides gamers with the means to continue playing.
  • Players can enter and leave a “table” at any time without interfering with other players’ games.

Fish Shooting Gameplay

Like poker, the hybridization of a currency and gaming energy, which is common in other online casino games, is at the core of the marketing of these games. In other words, the game’s primary money is used to fund some purchases, but players also require it to enter the action and replenish their ammunition. Additionally, the basic gameplay is frequently made profitable by adding in a number of boosters, including “kill all the fish on the board.”

Although player avatar frames and cannon skins and wings are typically the focus of meta-monetization, power progression components have also been observed; for example, in some games, various cannons have different stats.

The cornerstone of the monetized material frequently consists of money, cosmetics, and boosters. Gacha wheels, limited-time promotions, VIP systems, subscriptions, and even rentable goods are just a few of the strategies used to commercialize the content.

How to Use Bullets Effectively in the Online Fish Shooting Table Game

Pick the correct bullet

Online fish table games have a wide variety of bullet kinds. It can kill a wide variety of fish depending on how each type is designed to function. Players must pick the appropriate bullets to kill more fish because of this. If the player fires alone, all they need to do is expend two coins worth of ammunition and keep shooting until the fish expires. To prevent wasting ammunition, players should alter their course while facing challenging targets.

If the player employs the method of shooting at the herd of four to five youngsters, they should use quarter-sized bullets and aim to hit them in the midst of the herd. The player is awarded 5 coins for each fish that is slain. When shooting giant fish, players should either have a lot of coins in their account or only utilize 7 coins worth of bullets.

Use double bullets.

Players can boost their chances of winning and accumulate a significant sum of cash if they decide when to load and how many bullets to use. This is how to play with the increasing-bullet-numbers strategy.

For instance, if you use one bullet to kill a fish the first time, you can increase that number to two or three after killing ten fish. However, if you fire 100 bullets, you would lose roughly 558 points, however, you may bring back more than 1000 points in bonus points.

Shooting fish that has just appeared on the table

Shooting fish after they have just left the table is one of the experiences of playing fish shooting with people who have been playing for a while. This is thought to be the best playing strategy. Players must, however, aim precisely in order to take out the objective. This holds true for small and medium-sized fish. This approach won’t work on bigger fish.

Use the small-fish shooting technique

When playing a shooting fish table game, the majority of players concentrate on hitting huge fish because they believe they will receive more rewards. However, this tactic is ineffective because it just causes the player to waste a lot of ammunition with little gain. Instead, players can use the shooter’s narrow angle to their advantage to shoot multiple little fish at once. Players can simultaneously spin the barrel to continue to shoot to improve efficiency.

Shoot forward and backward

Shooting both forward and backward is among the more useful bullet tips for player strategies. Large fish can be shot using this technique. the following

  • Load the gun and start firing continually at the large fish.
  • Fire 3 to 5 rounds at the large fish at a slower rate of fire.
  • Quicken the pace whenever the large fish begins to show symptoms of weakness.

Use a variety of bullet combinations

There are numerous different bullet kinds and a variety of various bullet functions in the fish shooting game. The ability to combine bullets will allow players to hunt the most fish and reap the most benefits with the most efficiency. Many elite players use this technique, which produces surprising effects.

How to compute bullet points when playing the fish table game online 

All fish-shooting machines award points based on the number of bullets fired, therefore if the fish is destroyed, you will also regain the same number of bullets for each shot. The following is the scoring:

  • Normal fish types: There are 2 to 10 bullet points for the number of points. Large fish, such as rays, are worth 20 points, whereas sharks are worth 30 points.
  • Mermaid: Color will be used to determine to score. Pink will be equivalent to points from 2 to 10, blue to 20 points, and red to 30 points. With large fish, it will be between 50 and 60. 100 points each, up to 150.
  • Dragonfish, the most hazardous species that will have a score of 200, will be the last to appear.

6D Fish Shooting FAQs

Fish casino games are online gambling games that simulate the experience of fishing. Players can use a variety of bullets to shoot at fish and other marine life in order to win points or prizes.

In order to play fish casino games, you will need to sign up for an account with 6D Casino. Once you have done this, you can start playing by choosing a game room and selecting your avatar. Then, you can begin shooting at the fish on the screen in order to earn points.

Some fish casino games will allow you to wager real money on your gameplay. However, many of these games also offer the option to play for free. In addition, some sites may offer prizes or rewards for high scores achieved in the game.

Depending on the game you are playing and your degree of expertise, you may win a variety of amounts playing fish casino games. Generally speaking, by shooting as many fish as they can, gamers can gain points or rewards.

Some of the best tips for playing fish casino games include using a variety of bullet combinations and practicing your aim in order to increase your chances of success. In addition, it is also important to be aware of the different types of fish that you can shoot in order to get the most points possible.

There are often many different types of fish that you can shoot in fish casino games. Some of the most common include goldfish, clownfish, pufferfish, and sharks.


Fish casino games may be a simple and enjoyable way to kill time while possibly winning some money. You may increase your chances of winning when playing these kinds of games by paying attention to the above advice. Sign up for 6D game Casino to begin fishing now that you are armed with the best insights. Who knows, you may end up becoming our next big winner with a little bit of luck!