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Baccarat is a popular casino game played worldwide and many players can make a profit out of it due to how simple it is to play. It is even arguably simpler than blackjack, especially with the simple betting strategies that even beginners can enjoy in the game. Sticking with either the player bet or the banker bet can even be considered a baccarat winning strategy.

6D Casino Top Baccarat Bonuses

Playing online baccarat for real money unlocks endless opportunities for bonuses and promotions. By using free credit alongside your bankroll to make bets, you increase your chances of winning real money. The most common baccarat bonuses online casinos in the Philippines offer include:

6T Best Baccarat Bonuses

Sign-Up/Welcome Bonus

You will receive a welcome bonus of up to 5000 PHP when you sign up with the 6D online casino to help you get started.

Match Bonus

6D will match your deposit with bonus money up to a total of 5000 PHP if you deposit that amount to start playing Baccarat online.

Reload Bonus

Designed for returning customers, the 6D Casino will increase your balance by a certain percentage of the entire amount you deposit.

Players at 6D Game receive bonus money after joining up, without first having to make a real money deposit.

VIP Bonus

For high rollers, VIP rewards may range from greater cash bonuses to invitations to exclusive events or high-stakes blackjack tables.

Introduction to Baccarat

You must first learn the rules if you want to play baccarat online for real money. We’ve created a thorough tutorial on how to play baccarat that includes all the guidelines and pointers for beginners that you could need.

Introduction to Baccarat

The Foundation

Standard 52-card decks are used while playing baccarat. Online baccarat games use a 6 or 8-deck shoe. You must place a single bet on the player, banker, or tie to participate in the game before it starts.

Hands in Baccarat

Regardless of the number of players on a baccarat table, only one player’s hand will be drawn. In baccarat, a player’s hand and a banker’s hand are drawn consisting of two cards each unless the rules state to draw a third card for a hand. The player’s hand and banker’s hand are not necessarily equal to the player’s and dealer’s and are only names to differentiate one side from the other. This means that players can bet on the banker winning the game.

The goal of the game is to bet on a hand that’s closest to 9. Players must keep the following card values in mind when playing to avoid any confusion:

◉ 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings = 0

◉ 9s, 8s, 7s, 6s, 5s, 4s, 3s, 2s = their respective number values

◉ Aces = 1

In baccarat, only the second digit of the number is counted when dealt a two-digit hand. A player’s hand that draws a 9 and an Ace will be counted as 0 since the values add up to 10 and the first digit is dropped. 

Overview of Playing Baccarat

After knowing the values of the cards, what’s next is learning how a game goes.

Choose How Much to Stake

In an online casino, players choose how much they bet by selecting chips and choosing whether to stake them on the player, banker, or tie bet.

The Player, Banker, and Tie Bet

After selecting how much to stake, bettors must then choose which bet to make. Depending on the total value of a hand, a third card may be dealt. When either the player or banker has 8 or 9, the hand is called a natural and no extra cards are drawn. If the player has 5 or fewer, a third card is automatically dealt. Banker third card rules are different and will depend on what the player’s hand is.

Understand Payouts

The payout for a player bet is 1:1. The payout for a banker bet is 1:1 but with a 5% commission. The payout for a tie bet is 8:1 or 9:1.

Rebet, Clear Bet, and Double Bet

Once a round is over, bettors can opt to place their previous bet, clear their chips to start from scratch, or double their bets.

Basic Baccarat Terms


The worst hand in baccarat means zero in Italian.


Spanish word for banker or bank.

Banker Bet

One of three possible bets in baccarat. The player wins when the banker’s hand is closest to 9.


Amount paid when a specific bet is made and wins. Banker bets charge a 5% commission from a player’s winnings on the bet.

Player Bet

One of three possible bets in baccarat. The player wins when the player’s hand is closest to 9.

Tie Bet

One of three possible bets in baccarat. The player wins when the player’s and banker’s hands are tied.


The money you have available for betting.

House Edge

The advantage of the house or casino over the player.

Online Baccarat Games for Real Money

Casinos typically offer many different baccarat games, with different baccarat rules that can affect the overall gameplay. Some baccarat games are easy to learn while others can be extremely confusing for certain people.

Baccarat Games for Real Money

Punto Banco

The baccarat version that most people are familiar with. Punto Banco is also known as North American Baccarat and simply requires players to bet on whether the player’s hand or the banker’s hand will have a value closer to 9 or if there will be a tie.

Players only decide whether to make a player bet, a banker bet, or a tie bet.

Speed Baccarat

A faster version of the already fast-paced baccarat game. The faster pace can keep players from thinking of their next move, but it can add to the excitement. The rules are the same as Punto Banco.

No Commission Baccarat (Super 6)

A baccarat game that’s almost identical to Punto Banco, but removes the 5% commission on winning banker bets. In this game, both player and banker bets pay 1:1 unless when the banker wins with a 6 which then pays 0.5:1.

A Super 6 side bet is available, which pays out 12:1 when the banker wins with a 6.

6D Baccarat Bet types

Baccarat players will encounter three main bets and several side bets when playing different games. Among them are the following:

Different Types of Baccarat

Player Bet

The player wins when the player’s hand is closest to 9.

Banker Bet

The player wins when the banker’s hand is closest to 9. Charges a 5% commission upon winning.

Tie Bet

The player wins when both the player’s hand and the banker’s hand are of the same total value.

Player Pair

A side bet where the player wins when the first two cards dealt to the player’s hand make a pair.

Banker Pair

A side bet where the player wins when the first two cards dealt to the banker’s hand make a pair.

Perfect Pair

A side bet where the player wins when the first two cards are dealt to the player’s hand or the banker’s hand makes a pair of the same suit.

Either Pair

A side bet where the player wins when the first two cards dealt to either the player’s hand or the banker’s hand make a pair.


A side bet where the player wins when the total number of cards dealt in a game is 4.


A side bet where the player wins when the total number of cards dealt in a game is 5 or 6.

Play Real Money Baccarat vs Free Baccarat

When registered with a 6D online casino, players will encounter two different types of baccarat. These are real money and free baccarat.

Real Money Baccarat

Playing baccarat for real money allows you to make a profit while also allowing you to take advantage of bonuses and promotions. 

Free Baccarat

When first registering in an online casino, a first-time baccarat player may not exactly be confident with playing for real money. Even if baccarat is a simple game to understand and play, it’s still normal to lose while playing the game.

Free baccarat allows players to practice playing without having to risk any money. This is also great when only playing for fun or preparing to play for real money.

Baccarat Strategy: Top Tips to Win in Baccarat

Tips to Win in Baccarat

It’s easy to get started with playing baccarat, especially when only playing Punto Banco where the only thing that matters is whether players bet on the banker or the player. Still, certain strategies will help improve a player’s chances of winning.

Stick to the Banker Bet

Baccarat is a casino game with some of the lowest house edges out there, but players can still lose. The bet with the lowest house edge is the banker bet and is more likely to win than the player bet. The only problem is that the banker charges a 5% commission from the winnings.

Even if the casino makes a commission, players should still consider the bet since it has a higher chance of winning than the player bet. The commission is only a small price to pay when compared to the higher winnings when sticking with the banker bet.

Stick to the Player Bet

If players don’t want the casino to make any money off of their winnings, then sticking to the player bet is ideal. The player bet typically has no commission and is a good option to stick to when using a one-sided betting strategy.

Certain betting systems depend on small yet frequent gains, and a 5% commission will only make the system less profitable in the long run.

Avoid the Tie Bet at All Costs

The tie bet has the highest payout out of the three bets but is a bet that must be avoided at all times. Even if the player wins a few tie bets when using it for a one-sided strategy, they’re more than likely to have lost more money than they won, making the attractive 8:1 payout not profitable in the long run.

Get In and Get Out

Baccarat is a game of hot streaks and cold runs, so it’s advisable for players to know when they should keep playing and when to stop. Seasoned players tend to adopt a “get in and get out” approach since they can easily suffer a bad losing streak just as easily as they had a good winning streak.

Practice Baccarat with Free Games

Practicing baccarat for free gives players an idea of how a typical game ends up. They’ll have first-hand experience of suffering from losing streaks without risking any money.

If baccarat player plays for real money when they aren’t ready, they can potentially lose a lot of money while playing. Playing for free will serve as good practice to avoid making mistakes when playing for real.

Stick to Punto Banco and Similar Variants

Different baccarat games have different rules, with some of them even allowing players to become bankers. Such rules can be confusing to the average player, so it’s better to stick to easy-to-understand games instead of being too adventurous with the casino games list.

Best Online Baccarat Strategies

One-Sided Strategy

The one-sided strategy focuses on sticking to only one bet to take advantage of winning streaks. Bettors can choose whether to always place a player bet or a banker bet. An example of using this baccarat strategy is placing only the player bet until they lose three times in a row, then switching to the banker bet until they lose three times in a row.

In the one-sided strategy, players don’t switch bets too often and it’s still possible to lose. Knowing when to get out of the table is vital to take advantage of the strategy.


The 1-3-2-4 strategy is a betting system where a bettor can cover their potential losses with the 2nd and 4th bets. Players follow the sequence like this:

  • 1st bet is equal to 1 unit.
  • 2nd bet is equal to 3 units.
  • 3rd bet is equal to 2 units.
  • 4th bet is equal to 4 units.
  • Bettors go back to the 1st bet either after the sequence or the moment they lose anywhere in the sequence.


The Paroli strategy is dependent on the parole system where bettors place only 1, 2, and 4 units in that sequence. After winning three times, the player goes back to betting 1 unit. Players also go back to 1 unit when they lose anywhere in the sequence.

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Online Baccarat FAQs

Baccarat is a century-old game that is one of the easiest card games to play for beginners. The term can also mean zero when denoting a hand as baccarat.

A winning baccarat hand is a hand that’s total value is closest to 9. No hands can be valued more than 9 since the first digit is dropped the moment the value reaches the double digits.

Because the objective of baccarat is to have a hand closest to 9, bettors must guess which hand will end up having a total value closest to 9.

The only thing to remember when playing baccarat is whether or not to bet on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. The dealer will handle the rest. The dealer deals two cards to the player and themselves and third card rules can apply depending on the hand’s value. Knowing the difference between a player bet and a banker bet is enough for beginners.

Yes. Bettors don’t even need to understand baccarat rules to play and win, but learning the rules can help avoid any confusion. Simply remembering to always bet on the banker is enough for a few winning streaks. Unlike blackjack where players will need to learn basic strategy to have a decent chance of winning, a one-sided baccarat strategy using the banker bet is enough for most cases.


Playing baccarat online in a live casino in the Philippines allows players to enjoy a beginner-friendly classic casino game with a live dealer instead of an RNG-dependent program. The best baccarat games are offered online at 6D. With our helpful tips and advice, you can improve your chances of winning real money at baccarat!