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Randy Chandler is one of the founding members of 6T Casino. He has years of expertise in playing casino games and gambling online. He has won many big prizes in various casino games and often shares his experience and knowledge with others through articles, books, and seminars. Randy always keeps in touch with customers to hear their opinions and feedback.

His years of experience in the gambling industry allow him to provide readers with insight and tips that can’t be found anywhere else. If you’re looking for the best online casino advice, look no further than Randy Chandler’s blog on 6T Bet.

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I always have questions about things I encounter in life. Starting at an early age and irritating grownups with a zillion different issues every hour, until my college studies where Comparative Studies was my major. As a result, I was able to examine how society functions and how people express themselves in their daily lives. After I got my degree, I worked at a few various writing jobs before getting my croupier training at one of the recently built casinos.

I found it intriguing to learn about people’s reasons for gambling and what they actually wanted from casinos and gambling establishments when dealing cards. This time, though, I get to draw on both my experience as a dealer and my decades of practice asking challenging questions in order to provide you guys the best guidance I can to other gamblers all across the world.